Coffee With Capital Mass: Catch up!

Coffee With Capital Mass: Catch up!

23 July 2020 by Alison Tsang in Food Poverty, Homelessness, Isolation, Covid-19 Response.

Over the last months, during lockdown we’ve held a series of “Coffee with Capital Mass” events- and we’ll carry them on for as long as they’re needed.

Coffee With Capital Mass aims to be an hour of online community around social action: encouragement, interactive discussion, and safe space; an hour to have a coffee together, ask questions and join in the conversation.

Each time we meet we choose a different theme, and invite those with experience and expertise to share with us and learn from.

So far since May, we’ve covered: Domestic Violence; Mental Health; Food Poverty; Homelessness and Isolation & the Elderly.

But we’re also aware that in the midst of the last few months so many of us have been dealing with so much else: health worries, lock down, home schooling, caring for relatives; struggling to get out; or even just trying to find pasta or loo rolls.

We know many won’t have been able to managed to make all of these sessions live.

So we’ve recorded these sessions have been recorded for those who couldn’t make it; we hope they’ll be a really useful source of information, encouragement and inspiration!

The videos of each session, along with some resources and links mentioned are now available online- and click [here] ( “here”).

A HUGE thanks to all our guest speakers, and all who joined us.

We plan for more in the autumn term, so please do subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter to find out when they’re happening!

Alison Tsang

Alison Tsang

Alison works for Capital Mass, heading up issues around Financial Wellbeing, Mental Health and the Climate crisis.

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