Would you consider renting your property to Syrian Refugees? In response to the Syrian refugee crisis a number of London’s Local Authorities have agreed to become Resettlement Authorities, welcoming in Syrian refugees as part of the UNHCR Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPR). The refugees who will be accepted into the UK are currently displaced in countries neighbouring Syria, assessed by the UNHCR and will meet the criteria of being particularly vulnerable.

In London, those Local Authorities who are wanting to Resettle Syrian refugees are often unable because of the pressure on housing. In reality for an authority to welcome in refugees they will need to use private landlords who are prepared to accept the Local Housing Allowance rate for their property. The property needs to have its own front door and ideally be a family sized property. In order to increase stability the property would ideally be made available for 2 years.

Parishes or Deaneries with landlords who are able to make such an offer would then be invited to welcome the refugees into their wider community and care. This wider care of welcome, orientation and friendship is vital to enable integrating into community life.

We are currently working with Refugee Welcome Groups in each Borough.