Stepney Area Landlords

Below are the Local Authorities in this Episcopal Area who we know have agreed to become Resettlement Authorities for Syrian Refugees.

If there are no Local Authorities listed or the Local Authority where your property is located isn’t mentioned (this could simply be that we haven’t made contact with them yet) then please contact Angela Afzal for further details or to register interest.

Rt Rev Adrian Newman

Rt Rev Adrian Newman

“If we can say to our Boroughs that we the church have a number of homes and churches offering welcome, orientation and friendship then this could be the encouragement that they need to say Yes to resettling refugees in our community.”


The Council have agreed to resettle 40 Syrian refugees and are seeking private landlords to house them. CitizensUK through the local Refugee Welcome group are co ordinating the search for landlords and are hosting the below event to which you are most welcome to attend.

Tower Hamlets

The Council are keen to welcome Syrian Refugees and CitizensUK through the local Refugee Welcome group are very active in recruiting landlords.

Therefore, if you rent in either of both of these areas and would consider offering one or more of your properties to house a refugee family then please do get in contact with Angela.

Thank you for your consideration